Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Identity in Christ - God's Perfect Plan

How will you keep from being deceived by the enemy into trying to fill a place in the Body you are not called to or are not yet prepared for? That’s one of the reasons God gave us the foundational eighth operation, diversities of tongues (praying in tongues) to help us discover His perfect plan for our lives. Through the supernatural prayer language given to us and prayed through us by the Holy Spirit, God imparts to our spirits the mysteries hidden in Him throughout all the ages — Christ in us, the hope of glory (Col. 1:27). 
Thank God for divine assistance in finding our place in His great plan!
When He call you and separate you through ordination to an operation that He place you in, His power will qualify you to fulfill that office from within.

For He have made all things possible to him who believeth. Therefore, approach not His Presence in your own understanding or in the ideals, creeds, and doctrines as men would put them forth.

He place within you an anointing that cannot lie. That anointing is truth and will teach you all things.
Yield yourself to The Spirit for the purposes of edification, and He will lift you up.

He will build you into every operation that He have separated you unto, and He will qualify you by His power.

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